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To:389 County Route 54
Pennellville, NY 13132
Number and Street:
Sunday Worship 11:00a.m 
389 County Route 54 
Pennellville, NY 13132 
Food Pantry Needs:

1 lb. package of flour, 1 lb. package of sugar, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cocoa, tea, dish detergent, jell-o or pudding mix, and small jars of coffee.

If you have a pastoral emergency, please call Pastor Jeff at 315-383-4384.
If you know anyone who needs a prayer shawl or lap robe, they are in the office, please take one and let Dottie Smith know.
​Coffee and refreshments are available after services on Sunday. Stay and visit after service in the fellowship hall.
Anyone with pictures of the new improvements that were done at the Pennellville UMC, please email to callen.jim@gmail.com

Any pictures of church or functions that you wish to share would also be looked at and some possibly added to the website.
Free Will Dinner cancelled for now on the last Tuesday of each month.

March 13th - Roast Pork   September 11th - Roast Pork
April 10th - Roast Pork     October 9th - Roast Pork      May 8th - Roast Pork        November 13th - Roast Pork  No Dinners - January, February, June - August, December

Take-outs only (at least March-May)
$10.00 Full dinner (dessert not included)
Serving 4:00 -  6:00 p.m.
Adults - $     Seniors - $10.00; Children 5-10 - $5.00
If you have any questions, call (315) 695-6086.
Website: www.pennellvilleumc.org
Go to the Events Page to see Upcoming Events
NOTE: see changes regarding Corona Virus
Join the Pennellville Church Choir!

Music plays a significant role in our worship at Church, through the gifts and talents of our choir members.

Do you like to sing? The Pennellville choir welcomes anyone who genuinely enjoys learning and singing wonderful music. The Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. We'd love to have you witth us!
A lot is going on at PUMC -- Please consider giving a gift to the parking lot fund. Phase One was recently completed and Phase Two will be completed next year. Help us raise $48,000 needed for this important Capital Project.
Due to Corona Virus church some events are concelled for now. Check Events page for any upcoming events.
Donate your Bottles/Cans at Ramdu\s Redemption (Route 57, Three Rivers Plaza)), you can donate the funds to Pennellville UMC. All donations are appreciated! Randee's Redemption offers 6 cents per can/bottle on the first Friday of each month. Also, they are closed on Mondays.

A big THANK YOU to all who have mailed in your offerings. If you need more envelopes, there will be a supply in the back of the sanctuary. Please be sure to fill out the front of the envelope with your name, envelope number and contribution amount. Any unstipulated amount gets put into current expense. Again, thank you.